Authentication Technologies

Extended Access Technologies embed trust into the world’s digital devices using innovative authentication technologies.

Solutions for a Connected Workplace

Today, modern organizations have evolved to Connected Workplaces that confirm verification of an identity once, and then subsequently grant access to multiple systems—allowing trusted identities of employees or visitors the freedom to seamlessly access disparate systems within the organization. The key to delivering a personalized work experience is one that not only delivers convenience, but also has security built-in to make business systems identity aware.

HID Global’s array of solutions range from biometric sensors and reader modules— including OEM embedded reader modules—to finished desktop readers that validate identity using a fingerprint or credential provisioned onto a smart card, mobile or wearable device. For further flexibility, this technology can also be integrated into existing business systems to provide secure access to lockers, locks, medical records, drug dispensing cabinets, time and attendance terminals, multifunctional printers, ATMs, elevators, access control systems, and so much more.

Key Benefits:

  • Connected Environment – enables secure access to multiple systems with one trusted identity
  • Increased Convenience – simplifies authentication with technology of choice to increase productivity
  • Trusted Authentication – establishes who you are and identifies which benefits are granted to your trusted identity